PayPal has decided to make things a little more festive this holiday season by adding holiday greeting cards to their line-up. Now, when you send the gift of cold card cash to your friends and family this year, you can do it with a little more class. The virtual greeting cards come in six different designs and help people celebrate anything from Christmas to Hanukkah. They’ve made them available to customers in a number of countries like Canada and the United States, but they are definitely available to customers in the United Kingdom.

Online sportsbooks like Bet365 and 888 Sport don’t let you use your betting account to send money back and forth with your friends, so when you need to lend a buddy a few bucks for a wager, settle up a debt with a friend, or split up the winnings from a joint effort, a service like PayPal is the perfect answer. You can send money back and forth between friends and then also back and forth between you and your favourite online sportsbooks. You certainly don’t need to use any of the new PayPal greeting cards to do this, but they are a nice touch.

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